'Shark Week': Exclusive Sneak Peek (Video)

Discovery Channel's ever-popular Shark Week returns on July 31 with a packed schedule of new content featuring the mysterious creatures of the deep.

The week will kick off with Great White Invasion, which explores the increasing numbers of great white sharks being found swimming shockingly close to surfers and vacationers. Chris Fallows and an international team of sharks scientists explore the possible causes behind this behavioral trend, and come up with some intriguing results. Watch the video above for a peek into their interesting discovery.

STORY: Shark Cam Returning to Discovery Channel's Shark Week

Then at 10 p.m., Jaws Comes Home documents shark expert and U.S. Fisheries scientist, Greg Skomal, as he tracks several great whites, affectionately named Curly and Ruthless over six months on a mission to understand more about their recently discovered 1,200 mile journey up and down the eastern seaboard. Watch the video below to get in on the chase of a 15-foot shark.

Shark Week will be hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg. Programming includes Great White Invasion, Shark City and Jaws Comes Home, among numerous other specials during the weeklong programming event.