'Sharknado 2': Craziest Kills, Cheesiest Lines (Video)

Tasers, guns and (of course) chainsaws come to New York's rescue in the SyFy sequel.
Will Hart/SyFy

Sharknado 2: The Second One delivered what the people wanted: shark carnage and plenty of cheesy quotes. But which were the best?

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Here are our picks for the wildest kills and most groan-inducing one-liners.


5. Shark meets taser

Living in the city is dangerous, so it was fortunate this woman had a taser on her to defend against a shark. Unfortunately, this was after her friend was already killed.

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4. Home run!

A retired baseball player (Richard Kind) got to one last homer.

3. Man killed by the Statue of Liberty's head

Lady Liberty did more harm than good in Sharknado, when her decapitated head rolled down the streets of New York and killed at least one bystander.

2. Fin's classic move

The sequel delivered on Fin's (Ian Ziering) best move from the first movie.

1. Matt Lauer stabs a shark as Al Roker holds it down

'Nuff said.

And now, the quotes...

5. "He had a scar. It's like he knew who I was."

Tara Reid, on the revenge-obsessed shark who bit her hand off.

4. "What's the inside of a shark smell like? I always thought it would smell like chicken."

Judd Hirsch, talking to Ziering.

3. "This is the Big Apple Fin. When something bites us, we bite back."  

Robert Klein, as the mayor.

2. "You know what you just did don't you? Jumped the stark."

Mark McGrath , after Ziering literally jumped on sharks.

1. "They're sharks. They are scary. Nobody wants to be eaten. But I've been eaten! I'm here to tell you it takes more than that to bring a good man down."

– Ziering, during his climactic speech.

What were your top Sharknado 2 moments? Let us know in the comments.

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