Another 5.6 Million People Have Already Watched 'Sharknado 2'

Sharknado 2: The Second One Taxi Still - H 2014
Will Hart/SyFy

Sharknado 2: The Second One Taxi Still - H 2014

Like the salty fog of Tara Reid's Sharknado-themed perfume, the Syfy original telepic lingers.

Repeat broadcasts of Sharknado 2 have already more than doubled premiere viewership, and it hasn't even been a week. The latest overzealous press release from the cable network has the weekend's three additional airings of the campy sequel fetching another 5.6 million viewers.

STORY Syfy Sets Record With Sharknado 2

Throw that on top of the record-breaking 3.9 million viewers from last Wednesday's premiere and the film totals 9.5 million viewers over just a few days. That's as much as the original Sharnado grossed over six airings last summer. And that doesn't even count time-shifting

Sharknado 2's biggest rebroadcast was Saturday night (2.3 million viewers). It topped every Sharknado telecast last summer and helped drive 2 million viewers viewers to original Sharktopus vs Pteracuda.

Sharknado 3 doesn't arrive until 2015, but those still hungry for more of the second can take comfort in knowing several more encores are on deck.