'Sharknado 3' Director Explains the 'Game of Thrones' Surprise

GEORGE_RR_MARTIN_Sharknado_3_Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Syfy

GEORGE_RR_MARTIN_Sharknado_3_Still - H 2015

Syfy packed a lot of insanity into the third installment of its Sharknado franchise Wednesday, but the highlight was the movie's surprise guest star.

The so-bad-it's-good sequel included a special cameo from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, who took time out from writing the latest book in the fantasy series to film a scene that originally included a big nod to the series.

Sharknado 3 also included homages to James Bond and culminated with a hashtag letting viewers determine the fate of co-star Tara Reid's April (#AprilLives or #AprilDies).

Here, director Anthony C. Ferrante breaks down Martin's surprise cameo as THR ranks the cheesiest dialogue and most insane kills (including Martin!) from the annual summer tradition.

The Kills

5.  Machine guns, more machine guns and a bust of George Washington.

It’s awesome enough to see Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering) sliding down the halls of the White House on his knees, firing machine guns at the sharks flying overhead, but when his knees run out of steam, he grabs a bust of George Washington and smashes in the shark’s skull, making for a gross but laughable sight.

4. Say hello to the light-saber chainsaw.

Do we really need to say anything else?

3. Lucas meets a Python-esque ending.

Lucas (Frankie Muniz) has no legs, one arm and is just about to press the self-destruct button on his armored vehicle when a shark swoops down and eats his other arm, but at the last second he manages to use his chin to set off the explosion. "I wish I could tell you that it was an intentional thing to have nothing left of the actor who played Malcolm except for his middle," director Anthony C. Ferrante told THR with a laugh. "But it wasn’t."

2. Billy bites the big one.

Just when you think Claudia Shepard (Ryan Newman) has got herself a boyfriend, he gets stuck on the wrong side of a door and gets eaten by a shark. So much for a happy ending.

1. George R.R. Martin’s next book is delayed permanently.

If there’s one moment that Ferrante wanted to keep from being spoiled in advance more than any other, it’s when George R.R. Martin, the man behind Game of Thrones, takes a shark to the chest and then loses his head.

"We wanted him in the movie, he wanted to be in the movie, so we went to New Mexico, and we shot it for a day,” Ferrante said. “He originally had a line — and we’ll add it back in for the DVD — where he went outside, shivered, and said, ‘Winter’s coming.’ But we thought about it and decided that we wanted people to watch it and go, ‘Wait, is that … Is that George R.R. Martin?’”

Beyond the fun factor of spending a day with Martin and filming the cameo, Ferrante was also excited about the reaction that the author’s appearance would induce in a certain segment of the viewership. “I love the fact that we’re going to piss off all the Game of Thrones fans," he said. "Instead of writing his damned book, he was busy hanging out with us, filming a scene for Sharknado 3!” [See Martin eaten by a shark, below.]

The Quotes:

5. “Jonesy? Shepard here. The Independence needs to fly.” — Guest star David Hasselhoff to his NASA contact.

4. “God bless America.” — Ziering

Just before the nearly 15-minute-long teaser wraps up and the opening credits finally begin, Fin, Martin Brody (Mark McGrath) and the president and vice president of the United States (Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter, respectively) successfully stop the final falling shark of the sequence by emulating the famous Marine Corps War Memorial, aka the Iwo Jima Memorial, and stabbing the beast with the tip of an American flag. In a moment like that, what else could you say?

3. “How can they survive in space?” “How can they survive in tornadoes?”— Tara Reid and Ziering ask the questions every viewer is thinking.

2. “Nobody attacks my house. This time, it’s personal!” — Cuban, while cocking his gun and preparing to go shark hunting through the halls of the White House.

1. “Hail to the chief.” — Ziering, admiring President Cuban’s handiwork.

“That’s got to be my favorite line,” Ziering told THR. “It’s always said very solemnly, but to be able to say it to the president of the United States after he’s thrown hand grenades and used machine guns so effectively … It’s tongue-in-cheek, but it’s said seriously within the context of the movie, and … it’s just fun.”

What were your favorite Sharknado moments? Sound off in the comments section below. Click here for the inside story about Sharknado 3's choose-your-own-adventure ending