'Sharknado' Producer: Tara Reid Welcome Back for Sequel

The Asylum's David Latt tells THR that while casting has not begun, the actress -- and the rest of the cast -- are all invited back for Syfy's follow-up.
"Sharknado's" Ian Ziering and Tara Reid

Tara Reid is welcome to return to Syfy's Sharknado sequel.

The Asylum's David Latt, who serves as a producer on the new franchise, denied a TMZ report that indicated the actress would not be returning for the follow-up.

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"The short answer is: Nope. Tara is invited back," Latt told The Hollywood Reporter. "Honestly, I don't know where that [TMZ story] came from."

Latt noted that producers have yet to pitch Syfy the story for the sequel other than its New York setting with sharks and a tornado. Reid played star Ian Ziering's estranged ex-wife in the social media hit and was not among the body count featured in the Los Angeles-set campy TV movie that co-starred Cassie Scerbo.

"Syfy and The Asylum love Ian, Tara, Cassie [and] EVERYONE," Latt said. "Hopefully she'll [Reid] be the one turning us down because this bizarre film gives her -- and the rest of the cast -- some great opportunities, and therefore [she will be] unavailable."

"Despite all of the rumors and tabloid stories, Tara was great to work with," he added. "She showed up to play. Knew her lines. Was into this crazy, silly film. No drama. No diva. … She was great and we would be lucky to have her in S2."

Syfy announced the Sharknado sequel July 17, just days after the initial installment took social media by storm. The two-hour movie delivered 1.4 million total viewers.

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