Lego Considers Making 'Sherlock' Set

Proposed Lego sets based on the popular British series starring Benedict Cumberbatch are competing with five other finalists.

Sherlock Holmes may be getting his own Lego sets.

Proposals for Sherlock Lego sets were submitted through the Lego Cuusoo project, a platform that allows fans to bring ideas they want to see to fruition. When a particular proposal hits 10,000 supporters, it qualifies for company review. On Thursday, the official blog announced that the Sherlock proposal was one of six finalists for the winter 2014 slot.

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"This project has everything you need to act out your favorite scenes from 221B Baker Street, including a consulting criminal and a gaggle of characters for Sherlock to coyly insult," the post said of the set, submitted by user Flailx.

Two Sherlock Lego versions were presented. One set, with a proposed 370 pieces, re-creates the consultation/living room in 221B Baker Street. The other set, an expanded version of the living area shared by Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, would contain roughly 630 pieces (or 450 without the display).

The Lego sets would include mini figures of Sherlock, John, the villainous Jim Moriarty, Inspector Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper and Mycroft Holmes in various combinations.

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Other finalists being considered include inspirations from Back to the Future and Legend of Zelda.

The current review period ends in early May. During this time, the Lego company decides which of the finalists it can successfully produce as official sets and which it cannot.

Sherlock wrapped its third season on PBS Masterpiece in the U.S. on Feb. 9 with 3 million viewers.

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