Which Shondaland Character Should Be Brought Back From the Dead?

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grey's_anatomy_Scandal_How_to_Get_Away_With_Murder_Split - H 2015

Derek. James. Rebecca. Lexie. Mark. George. Harrison. Verna. Sam. Shondaland has seen its fair share of death.

With Halloween season — as well as ABC's TGIT lineup — in full swing, The Hollywood Reporter quizzed more than 20 stars of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder to find out which of Shondaland's dearly departed characters they'd bring back from the dead. Their answers will surprise (and entertain) you. 

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Grey's Anatomy

Chandra Wilson (Bailey)
I'd love to see everybody! All of the characters who have come through the show are so endearing. And the fans still love them. There's no character were fans are like, "Oh good, I'm glad that character is done." We care about characters on Grey's Anatomy, that's what I love so much about the show.

Kevin McKidd (Owen)
I miss Lexie (Chyler Leigh), she was so awesome.  

Jessica Capshaw (Arizona)
The dynamic that Arizona and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) had was a really good one. They brought out the best in each other and it was really funny and Arizona doesn't really have that person [anymore] in that way or in that dynamic. He was such a meathead and she was exhausted by him — but it was also very sweet.

Sara Ramirez (Callie)
Lexie Grey was an all-around sweet, talented, ambitious woman who had a lot of promise.

Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie)
It would be interesting to see what would happen if Lexie came back and lived in the Sister House with the rest of them. What would that dynamic be like?! That's intriguing. And I'd bring back Mousey (Heather Brooks), but that's because I love Tina Majorino.

Caterina Scorsone (Amelia)
Amelia would have a really hard time choosing — for her, there are so many core characters: her baby, her father, her baby's dad/boyfriend and her brother. There's so much blood that I don't know that she can choose; she'd bring back all her men.

Sarah Drew (April)
I loved Chyler Leigh so much and I'd love to be on set spending time with her. I think Lexie would maybe be having babies with Mark Sloan — and other very important professional things. But I also think maybe she'd have a baby.

Camilla Luddington (Jo)
Kyle Chandler
's Dylan was so great. I had a bit of a crush. I want him to go back and change careers and be a doctor with us! 

Giacomo Gianniotti (Andrew DeLuca)
Patrick Dempsey
(Derek) — because I didn't get to work with him. I just missed him, I came in one episode after Derek was killed.

Joe Adler (Isaac Cross)
Patrick Dempsey. That episode ripped my freakin' heart out. But it's created a lot of very interesting storylines moving forward that are very important to the show.

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Tony Goldwyn (Fitz)
I want to say James (Dan Bucatinsky) but I feel an obligation to say Fitz's son! Fitz would want his son back but I'd love to see James back.

Bellamy Young (Mellie)
Mellie's sweet son Jerry. She'd see him go to his prom and grow up and be a senator and be president after Mellie is!

Darby Stanchfield (Abby)
Verna (Debra Mooney), the Supreme Court justice that Fitz murdered. She's got some secrets and she had some life left.

Guillermo Diaz (Huck)
Verna — because she's an amazing actor and she left us way too soon. That character had a lot more to give and had a lot of secrets. 

Katie Lowes (Quinn)
James. I love James, could he come work at OPA?! He'd be so great, he's so smart — and Quinn is a one-man band right now, she's got nothing and no help! But he's dead! And who's raising Ella?! I don't think Cyrus is doing that good of a job! Poor Ella!

Josh Malina (David)
Harrison (Columbus Short). If he hadn't died, he'd still be a Gladiator — he was a Gladiator to the core and I can't imagine him moving on for any reason.  

Portia De Rossi (Elizabeth)
James. He would probably die again because he was such a troublemaker, he just didn't know how to play the game. I don't think he'd be press secretary still. He was such a great character though.

Joe Morton (Rowan)
James. I loved what Dan Bucatinsky did and loved that relationship with James and Cyrus. It was heartbreaking to see James be killed off.

George Newbern (Charlie)
Jack Coleman
's Daniel Douglas Langston [Sally's husband]. I loved that character, he was so good.

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How to Get Away With Murder

Charlie Weber (Frank)
Sam (Tom Verica). He was part of our family and now he's gone. It threw off the family dynamic! He was the paternal figure in this horrible little family we have and it'd be nice to have him back.

Liza Weil (Bonnie)
Rebecca. I love me some Katie Findlay!

Jack Falahee (Connor)
Rebecca. I enjoyed that character and I love Katie. I liked having that character as this wild card.

Karla Souza (Laurel)
We were talking about if we can suddenly become Zombieland and have all the characters come back! I'd bring back Rebecca, she was cool.

Matt McGorry (Asher)
Rebecca, just because I love Katie and we had so much fun together on set. We were sad that Rebecca died; we were all in Philly together filming the pilot.

Which character do you miss the most? Sound off in the comments section, below. TGIT airs Thursdays on ABC from 8-11 p.m.