Shondaland Stars Endorse Hillary Clinton on TGIT

Kerry Washington Hilary Clinton ad - H 2016
Courtesy of Hilary Clinton/YouTube

Shonda Rhimes teamed up with her four leading ladies in an endorsement video for 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that aired Thursday.

Released on ABC's "Thank God It's Thursday" lineup, the minutelong ad features Scandal's Kerry Washington, How to Get Away With Murder's Viola Davis and Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo, along with Rhimes, expressing their support of Clinton.

"Every day I wake up and play a brilliant, complex, over-qualified, get-it-done woman who obsessively fights for justice; who cares; who gives a voice to the voiceless; who gets knocked down and always gets back up," the three TGIT actresses state before Rhimes is seen in the "Real Life" ad, which was directed by Scandal co-star Tony Goldwyn.

"I make television filled with the kind of characters I imagine we all can be," Rhimes says into the camera.

"Strong, but flawed; human, but extraordinary," Davis and Pompeo continue.

"Our characters are on television, but the real world has Hillary Clinton," each of the four women state. "A bonafide, rolls-up-her-sleeves, fights for what's right, in it for you, won't back down champion for all of us."

"That's why I'm with Hillary," Rhimes begins, before the four actresses each echo "I'm with Hillary."

Following the release of video, which aired shortly before the start of the CNN GOP Presidential Debate in Florida, Clinton and Rhimes shared exchanges on Twitter. "@shondarhimes @tonygoldwyn @kerrywashington @violadavis @ellenpompeo: Talk about a power lineup. Thank you for being on this team!" Clinton said in gratitude of the support. Rhimes replied, "So proud that I am with her because she is with US."

Reps for ABC noted of the ad, "This was a paid political advertisement placed on a number of stations. Broadcasters are required by the FCC to carry these ads."

In February, Clinton was spotted on the Scandal set during her fundraising visit to Los Angeles.

Watch the political endorsement below.