Showtime Releases New 'Masters of Sex' Teaser (Video)

Masters of Sex Key Art - H 2012
Craig Blankenhorn/SHOWTIME

Masters of Sex Key Art - H 2012

Showtime is ramping up its fall dramas.

A new 30-second teaser for the Michael Sheen/Lizzy Caplan series Masters of Sex has made its way to the web. The period entry doesn't debut until Sept. 29, but the premium network is rolling out a voiceover-heavy promo teasing the sexually charged world inhabited by their alter egos, William Masters and Virginia Johnson.

Masters and Johnson were the real-life pioneers who explored the science of human sexuality. Their research helped touch off the sexual revolution.

Showtime previously released a first look at Masters of Sex last December, along with its other rookie fall entry, Ray Donovan. While Ray Donovan relies on the grit of Hollywood, Masters of Sex is more cheeky -- literally.

Footage of men and women taking off their clothes, Sheen in a stark-white doctor's coat with a clipboard in hand ready to take down the results and Caplan responding to a seemingly rhetorical question ("Why would a woman fake an orgasm?"): "Usually so the woman can get back to whatever it is she'd rather be doing."

Hey, sometimes the truth hurts.

Watch the new teaser below:

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