Erlich Bachman's Aviato Car in 'Silicon Valley' Is Now Available for Rent

The vehicle is available for $49 per day on peer-to-peer car-sharing service Turo.
Erlich Bachman's 'Aviato' Car in 'Silicon Valley'

Have you ever wanted to drive Erlich Bachman's car? You know, the Aviato-branded one that T.J. Miller's braggadocio character drives in Silicon Valley? Well now you can.

For only $49 dollars a day, anyone can rent the 2006 Ford Escape seen in the HBO comedy thanks to peer-to-peer car-sharing service Turo (think: Airbnb for cars.) The crossover SUV is currently located in San Francisco but will soon make its way around the country so that fans of the Emmy-nominated series in other states can also have an opportunity to get behind the wheel.

According to Turo's website, the owner of the vehicle is listed as Erlich B., and his profile describes him as a "conqueror" of app incubation, social media aggregation and casual same-sex dating who works at Bachmanity Capital and lives in Palo Alto, Calif. The tech entrepreneur also penned an elaborate description of his car for the site (OK fine, it was the Silicon Valley writers — but still.)

"Seize your golden opportunity to rent the most iconic car Silicon Valley has to offer. This vehicle has accommodated the most brilliant minds and butts of Silicon Valley’s greatest visionaries. And now — if you’re smart — yours," reads the description. "The question is not whether you should rent this car, but rather: Are you prepared for it to take you on the vision quest of your dreams?"

Highlighted amenities include a GPS system that will "make you feel like a god among men" and leather seats that "cradle your buttocks like the firm grasp of a loving mother."

But wait, there's more: "The sleek, sexy-as-sin Ford Escape is swathed in branding from the legendary startup Aviato. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?" Aviato, of course, is Erlich's first company, a startup he built and sold to Frontier Airlines before Pied Piper came along. Speaking in third person, he sums it up: "Bachman has generously agreed to release the beast from the driveway of his game-changing incubator, and let the masses experience the incomparable luxury and pure-adrenaline thrill that is driving a car emblazoned with the word 'Aviato.'"

There's just one small stipulation: Absolutely no smoking is allowed in the vehicle or you'll get hit with a $250 fine. The ban even includes marijuana, which begs the question: Is this really Erlich Bachman's car after all?