'X Factor's' Simon Cowell Promises 'Punched Up' Season 2 Focusing on Pop Groups (Video)

Simon Cowell speaks very highly of the changes he's making on The X Factor's sophomore season. In new video released by Fox, the executive producer and judge says the changes are for the better and he describes what he'll be focusing on as far as talent during next season's auditions.

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Cowell believes that change is a good thing and says that Paula Abdul’s replacement was based on the feeling that their relationship was too reminiscent of their time together on American Idol.

Regarding the replacement of host Steve Jones, he says, "I think what I learned was you need Americans to host the show.” Besides that, Cowell has said that he’s set on giving the job to a male-female duo.

And of course, Cowell is aware of the inceasing popularity of shows like NBC’s The Voice and says that’s one of his motivations for shaking up next season.

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“We have to be very competitive,” Cowell says. “Because there is a lot of shows out there and they've been very competitive with us so [the changes are] going to end up as a punch up.”

"It will be different, it will be better in my opinion, it will be more controversial,” he also says. “It will be the show I always wanted to make and now I have the ability to do it."

Auditions for next season are currently underway and Cowell says that despite the fact that the groups were the first to be eliminated last season, the tide is turning in their favor. He says he'd like to focus on finding pop groups like Destiny's ChildSpice GirlsN-Sync and Backstreet Boys.

"My job as running a record label is to spot the next trend in the market, and absolutely 100 percent the next 12 months we’re all going to be about pop groups. It's going to be a massive, massive wave all over again and that's what I want to find on the X-factor this year."

Watch the video above.