Simon Cowell's 'The X Factor' Premieres; Viewer Reactions Mixed

Many tear up at the emotional backstories of auditioners, while others question the judges' decisions and whether any of the contestants were "set up."

Viewers finally got to see what Simon Cowell's new series, The X Factor, is all about Wednesday night.

The singing competition show, which debuted on Fox, features Cowell -- finally back on TV screens in a regular role after more than a year since he left Fox's American Idol -- judging aspiring singers alongside Paula Abdul, Antonio "L.A." Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. Steve Jones hosts.

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Viewers hit Twitter to share their thoughts on the premiere, with many noting they laughed and cried throughout the episode.

NBA star Dwayne Wade, for one, was a fan: "What I love about #X-Factor-every1 and any1 gets a chance-No matter what's your age,race or background..New Fav show"

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, meanwhile, had his own motives for tweeting about the show: "Fox told me if I tweet about The X Factor, they'll bring back Party of Five."

Meanwhile, perhaps unsurprisingly, there were other viewers who say they were unimpressed with the premiere.

Here is a sample of comments from viewers:

Charlene Pynn
X factor #newfav

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Britney Beam
X Factor was so good....pretty awesome talent on there :)

#ICant with these stories of the contestants of X Factor. I been tearing up the whole show. Nothing like feel good positive stories man.

Lori Faris-Huffer
Just saw a kid on the X-factor sing an amazing song. Wow. Singing his story straight out of rehab. #cleanandsober Praying for you #Chris

Gloria Velez
Awe, x-factor ended good. That boy chris story was touching. And his song was touching. I got goose bumps.

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F. Cole
X-Factor gave me what I needed.

Jenny Matthews
Anyone watching X Factor? Totally rooting for the rapper recovering addict trash collector guy!!! Made me cry!

So, X Factor. I turn you on for 5 mins to mock you and then you make me cry. I know I was manipulated. But that "young homie" guy? Yeah.

Joseph Gaiter
X Factor was good tonight.

Bianca Castronovo
Oooh these stories on x-factor kill me! So sweet to see people succeed who deserve it! Night #Beauties! :>)

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Ms. Butta P.
Yo this dude on X factor just killed it. Love that he did an original song and from the heart! "Young Homie"

Julius Wright
X Factor is playin’ with our emotions

Danielle Monaro
Really!!! Come on X Factor how set up was that last contestant Nicole? BAD ACTING!

Flipping thru TV, caught some of American Id... Er... X-Factor. Why the need for much negativity and embarrassment?

Darrell Waltrip
you have to admit the #X-Factor is a pretty cool show,so far I've laughed,cried,and been shocked and this is just the try outs !

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Watchin X-Factor Always Makes ME CRY!! LOVVVVES IT! ♥

Freaking X-Factor has me tearing up like woah!! Ugh I'm such a SAPS!!!!!

Al Lindstrom
X-Factor corny already, put it on for 2mins

It's Brittαny Bxtch
This is my first time watching X factor and I like it already :)

Shun Hendrix
Watching X/Factor!!! Smh A guy pulled his pants down!! N Paula just left!! I think she really is about to poke!!#SheDid

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OMG i know this dude did not just whip out on X Factor he just kept singing like it was nothing NASTY

Kendra Jacobs
I made it about 15 minutes. Not impressed.

Drew Seeley
Watching X Factor... Did I just see the same performance all the judges were gushing about? Really? words of another show, Pitchy dawg.

Darnell Robinson
X Factor is amazing!

Mike M
The "X" in X Factor would make a nice target for a guided missile.

Jasper Brinkley
Watching the X-factor and it's pretty good

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Glen Coco
That awkward moment when the X Factor can't get Randy Jackson as a judge, so they get a look a like, LA Reid.

Nathan McLeod
Watching "X Factor" and I'm pretty impressed!

Cash Conners
That Prince/Rick James wannabe made it to the next round on X Factor. #ThisShowHasAlreadyLostCredibility

Madd Hatta 97.9
Simon. Really?? X-Factor is not serious. I'm turning. Let me know what happens.

I can't BELIEVE what I just saw on X-Factor & L.A. Reid was the only one with sense...say no to gimmicks!...#sheesh


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