'The Simpsons' Becomes Latest Show to Take on 'Frozen'

Simpsons The Couch Gag Before Christmas Frozen Still - H 2014
Courtesy of Fox

Simpsons The Couch Gag Before Christmas Frozen Still - H 2014

Fox's The Simpsons is joining the long list of fall TV fare to take on Frozen.

During Sunday's episode, the Fox animated comedy's opening credits will take on the holidays — including the Disney hit — with "The Couch Gag Before Christmas."

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The entire opening sequence has been reimagined with odes to the winter holiday: Bart substituting a snowboard for a skateboard, the entire family with elf ears, Otto's candy cane bong, as well as Lisa and the Springfield choir performing "Jingle Bells." But the kicker comes in the final few seconds when Lisa channels her inner snow queen and Homer turns into Olaf.

The Simpsons becomes the latest scripted series to take on Disney's Frozen, joining the likes of Once Upon a Time — which has built its first half around the story line — as well as New Girl, Mindy Project and Glee's upcoming cover of "Let It Go."

(THR's recent poll found 53 percent of readers had already had enough of Frozen on fall TV.)

Check out the "Couch Gag Before Christmas," below. The Simpsons' Christmas episode airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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