'Simpsons' Crafts Elaborate Couch Gag as Apparent Nod to Quarantine

The Simpsons - Publicity-H 2018
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox Television

The Simpsons will feature an elaborate couch gag on Sunday's new episode. 

It what appears to be a nod to the national quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, the long-running segment in the Fox cartoon's opener will show the family doing extreme sports. However, the animation style for "The Extremesons" is far more detailed than usual. 

From Homer wingsuiting onto a jet to Bart being dropped out of a helicopter for snowboarding and a surfing Marge, the gag showcases fun and stylish action. 

Of course, it all turns out to be virtual reality; the family is just sitting on the couch as the VR becomes too much for Homer, who quickly goes back to watching TV. 

Watch the segment below.