'The Simpsons' First Look: Can Nick Offerman Help Homer and Bart?

The 'Parks and Recreation' favorite guest-stars as Captain Bowditch

Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman checks into Fox's The Simpsons on Sunday — but can he help Homer and Bart repair their relationship?

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Sunday's episode, titled "The Wreck of the Relationship," finds Bart continuing to (shocker!) disrespect Homer's authority — only this time, the elder Simpson will decide it's time to try his hand at parenting. When that naturally fails, Marge gets involved and ships both father and son out to the open ocean.

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That's where Homer and Bart will meet Nick Offerman's Captain Bowditch, the captain of The Relation Ship, who is tasked with helping to improve their interpersonal skills.

Check out Offerman, a longtime fan of The Simpsons, previewing his role in the exclusive clip, below. 

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