'Simpsons' Blasts Fox News While Congratulating Fox (Video)

The Simpsons 500th Episode - H 2012

The Simpsons blasted Fox News in a new message that displayed during Fox's special 25th anniversary programming Sunday evening.

After re-airing the animated comedy's first episode, the Simpsons team showed an end card congratulating the broadcast network during the credits: "Congratulations FOX on 25 years…We still love you*."

Below in smaller print, the card singled out Fox News as not being a part of the congratulatory message. Led by an asterisk, the line read: "*This doesn’t include Fox News."

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The Simpsons has not been shy in voicing its distaste for the cable news network. In the episode "The Fool Monty" during the 22nd season, the series poked fun at Fox News with a scene featuring a helicopter with the fake slogan "Fox News: Not Racist, But #1 With Racists."

Fox News' Bill O'Reilly subsequently aired the clip on his show and criticized The Simpsons and the network, saying on his program, "Continuing to bite the hand that feeds part of it, Fox broadcasting once again allows its cartoon characters to run wild." In response,The Simpsons aired a similar helicopter scene with the slogan "Fox News: Unsuitable for Viewers Under 75" in the episode following.

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Fox's 25th anniversary program included reunions with the casts of Married ... With Children, In Living Color and That '70s Show and was led by Ryan Seacrest. The network also re-aired the first episode of Children.

Watch the video below: