'The Simpsons' to Guest Star on 'Family Guy' Episode in 2014

The Griffins are heading to Springfield, where they will meet Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge.
"Familiy Guy"

In a crossover that could rival The Avengers, the Simpsons will meet the Griffins in an epic episode of Family Guy next year.

Airing in fall 2014 on Fox, “The Simpsons Guy” episode of Family Guy will see the New England family travel to Springfield, where they’ll encounter The Simpsons stars Homer (Dan Castellaneta), Bart (Nancy Cartwright), Marge (Julie Kavner) and Lisa (Yeardley Smith). Hank Azaria also will lend his voice to the episode.

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According to Fox, the Family Guy characters will quickly bond with their Simpsons counterparts. Peter (Seth MacFarlane) and Homer will debate whether Pawtucket or Duff is the best beer, Stewie (MacFarlane) will be quite taken with Bart’s prankster ways, Lisa will take Meg (Mila Kunis) under her wing to find something the young Griffin is good at, and Lois (Alex Borstein) and Marge will ditch housework together. 

MacFarlane guest starred on The Simpsons season finale in May, when he voiced Ben, a charming married man who met Marge. Family Guy begins season 12 on Sept. 30.