'Simpsons' Intro Elaborately Re-created by Bored Quarantined Family

The Simpsons - Photofest - H 2019

An Ontario family who was becoming bored during social isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic found an entertaining way to pass the time: a visit to Springfield. 

Joel Sutherland, an award-winning author, on Wednesday posted to social media a video of his family re-creating The Simpsons intro, costumes and all. 

"Social Isolation, Day 23. Kids: We're booooored! What can we do? Wife *cleaning basement*: What are we ever going to do with these Simpsons Halloween costumes we only wore once?" Sutherland wrote along with the video that re-creates the classic Fox cartoon's intro shot-for-shot with the theme playing. 

Within a few hours of the video posting, it had more than 100,000 views. 

Al Jean, Simpsons showrunner, retweeted the video and the show's official Twitter account wrote, "Quarantine creativity level [100 points]." 

Watch the video below.