'The Simpsons' to Kill Off Character

The Simpsons Full Cast - H 2013

The Simpsons Full Cast - H 2013

The Grim Reaper is headed back to Fox's The Simpsons.

Executive producer Al Jean told reporters during a recent conference call that the writers are "working on a script where a character will pass away."

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"We are doing this story for the same reason we do all others -- we think it has a good emotional through line," Jean told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, keeping under wraps whether the character would be killed off or pass away. "The story will be produced this year though it may air in season 26."

While details are scarce, Jean hinted that "the actor playing the character won an Emmy" for the role, stopping short of revealing which of the beloved (or not so beloved?) animated gang would not survive. Jean told THR that the episode would happen sometime in mid- to late-2014.  

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In its 25 seasons, Fox's longest-running comedy The Simpsons has killed off seven characters -- Homer's Las Vegas wife, Amber (season 16) and Ned's wife Maude Flanders (season 11) among them.

Pressed for details, Jean would not comment beyond the Emmy clue when asked if the death would lead into a "Who Shot Mr. Burns?"-type story, only noting that he hoped the stunt would get "Breaking Bad-type numbers"

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Here's a look at the characters -- voiced by Emmy winners -- possibly on The Simpsons' Death List:

Anne Hathaway as Penelope (2010)
Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson (2009)
Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob (2006)
• Castellaneta as various characters including Grampa Simpson, Barney, Krusty, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Quimby, Sideshow Mel (2004)
Hank Azaria as various characters including Chief Wiggum, Moe, Cletus, Apu (2003)
• Azaria as various characters including Comic Book Guy, Moe, Wiggum (2001)
• Azaria as Apu (1998)
• Castellaneta as Homer (1993)

Who do you think The Simpsons will kill off? Hit the comments below with your thoughts. The Sun News first reported the story. 

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