'The Simpsons' Lego Episode Trailer Released (Video)

The world falls to (particularly brick-like) pieces for Homer in this weekend's 550th episode of the long-running animated Fox series.
FOX Television

It’s not uncommon for everything in the world to seem confusing to Homer Simpson, but in this weekend’s 550th episode of The Simpsons, there’s a good reason for his discomfort: his entire world has turned into LEGO bricks, and he’s the only one who knows it.

The new trailer for this Sunday’s episode lays out the new world (or, at least, Springfield) order, showing off LEGO-ized versions of Homer, Marge, Moe and the Comic Book Guy — who better to deal with alternate realities than someone who’s well versed on Crises on Infinite Earths? — and hinting at some of the destruction LEGO Homer will get into, up to and including playing football with his own head.

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The Simpsons airs Sundays at 8pm on FOX.