Comic-Con: 'The Simpsons' Puts Homer on Death's Door in Season 26 Teaser (Video)

The beloved character also made his debut at the annual fan fest during Saturday's panel, which featured a clip from the season 26 premiere.
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"The Simpsons"

Could Homer Simpson be the one to die during The Simpsons' season 26 premiere?

A new clip, unveiled Saturday morning at Comic-Con in San Diego, certainly seems to illustrate that the doughnut-loving dad may indeed be in danger.

The Sept. 28 episode, titled "Clown in the Dumps," will feature the death of a beloved character. Showrunner Al Jean has repeatedly said that the character, voiced by an Emmy winner, will "pass away" during the half-hour, and described the reveal as "obvious."

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While the episode title and Jean's comments seem to point to Krusty the Clown being on death watch, the new clip makes Homer another candidate for the chopping block — especially considering voice actor Dan Castellaneta won an Emmy for the role.

Check out the new clip, as well as Homer's first appearance at Comic-Con, both below.

The Simpsons has been getting a massive marketing push for its record syndication deal with FXX, with a huge "Homer's Dome" installation set up just outside the Convention Center that houses Comic-Con. FXX will unspool all 25 seasons — and the movie — in a 12-day marathon set to air 24 hours a day starting Aug. 21.  

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