Watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Use 'Star Wars' Toys to Convince People to Watch 'Sisters'

The Sisters Cast Use Star Wars Action Figures to Convince You to See Their Movie  - H 2015
Courtesy of NBC

Opening opposite Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Sisters with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who aren't afraid to make an aggressive sales pitch to potential audiences.

The cast of the comedy gathered on Thursday's Late Night With Seth Meyers with a slew of Star Wars action figures and explained why their film is the one to see this opening weekend.

"Why would you see a movie with the guy from Girls when you can see a movie with the guy from The Mindy Project?" said Ike Barinholtz in his best Adam Driver voice while holding a Kylo Ren toy.

Fey gave PZ-4CO an Italian accent and said, "I am a creature, I don't have any relatives but if I did, I wish I had two sisters!"

Poehler couldn't remember her action figure's character name because "I don't care about Star Wars, I never f—ing did! I'm sorry, I'm tired of pretending — I don't care about it!" Still, "this guy's face is covered up because he's so embarrassed because he's gotta go see Star Wars."

Meanwhile, Rachel Dratch ended up resting Chewbacca in her cleavage and Maya Rudolph revealed that BB-8 "will never know the touch of a real woman."

Watch the video below.