Six Bill Cosby Accusers Discuss Scandal in CNN Special: "He's Going to Get His"

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Six of Bill Cosby's accusers appeared on CNN on Monday to discuss their allegations against the comedian.

Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, P.J. Masten, Victoria Valentino and Kristina Ruehli, all of whom have accused Cosby of sexual assault, sat down with Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota on The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire to address the recent public uproar facing Cosby. 

When asked what she hoped would happen to Cosby in light of the resurfaced allegations, Masten responded: "I want him to suffer, suffer like we have all suffered." She added that she wanted his Emmy awards to be taken away, while Valentino said he should be stripped of his honorary doctorate from Temple University.

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Bowman said that people close to Cosby created a "bubble of protection" for the star. She said that since coming forward, she has received many emails from those in Cosby's inner circle who corroborated the accusers' stories of alleged abuse. "He manipulated those people in the same way he manipulated us into silence," she said.

Bowman added there were more accusers who have yet to come forward, and Masten confirmed she had spoken to other former Playboy bunnies who have told her they were allegedly abused by Cosby. 

Lemon and Camerota asked the women to raise their hands if Cosby drugged them, and all five women raised their hands. Three raised their hands to indicate they were led to believe before meeting Cosby that he would help their careers, while none of the women raised their hands when asked if they would receive money from him. 

The women agreed they were all grateful for the other accusers who had come forward, and they hoped to make it easier for alleged victims to tell their stories in the future. "What I want to happen to Bill Cosby is happening," Tarshis said. 

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During a separate segment on the show, Lemon also spoke to former supermodel Janice Dickinson, who has also accused Cosby of sexual assault. She said she has been "victim shamed" since telling her story and said Cosby allegedly assaulting her has caused her "post-traumatic stress." 

When Lemon asked Dickinson if she planned to take legal action against the comedian, she said she wasn't yet sure. She then said: "He's going to get his. I'm not taking this sitting down."

Cosby, who is being sued by a woman alleging he assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 when she was 15, has dismissed the allegations against him as "innuendos." His lawyer, Marty Singer, has denied the claims and questioned the accusers' credibility.

Video from the segment can be seen below.  

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