'Six Million Dollar Man' to Finally Get Sixth Season

New comic book series to continue the original television show's continuity, 35 years later.
Alex Ross/Dynamite Entertainment

NBC's The Six Million Dollar Man has been off the air since 1978, but fans who have spent the last three and a half decades wishing for a sixth season of the Lee Majors-starring drama will finally see their dream come true -- kind of -- next year when Dynamite Entertainment launches The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 6.

The monthly comic book picks up the continuity of the original television series from the end of the fifth and final season, with writer James Kuhoric promising to "bring back all the things that made it special to me back in the day." Amongst those things, Kuhoric said, are the show's trademark slow motion effect sequences. "We went out of our way to use the 'Kung Fu Slow Motion', the sound effects, and all the oddities of that era so the comic book would feel like the original TV series," he said.

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That's not the only moment of nostalgia fans of the show will have in the new series. At the suggestion of cover artist Alex Ross, the villain of Season 6 will be none other than Maskatron, the robotic master of disguise created for the Kenner-produced toy range that tied in with the series.

"In discussions, we contemplated: why not bring into the series a villain whom fans would know from the toys, even though he wasn't in the TV series?" asked Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci. "Why not have a villain who could be The Joker to Steve Austin's Batman, or Doctor Octopus to his Spider-Man?" Added Ross, "The Maskatron toy was my favorite toy growing up. I played with it to death, turning it into different characters from The Six Million Dollar Man, as well as other comic book characters that I could turn it into.  I'm thrilled to help bring it to life in a full storyline."

The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 6 will be released in comic book stores and digitally in February 2014, in time for the series' 40th anniversary year (It debuted on NBC January 18, 1974).