Meet Sketchy Andy, Madonna's Super Bowl Slackliner (Video)

An obscure sports star is spotted performing in the Queen of Pop's halftime show.
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Amid the flash and spectacle of Madonna's Super Bowl Sunday halftime show, wherein M.I.A. stole the thunder with her middle-finger flipping moment, there was Sketchy Andy, jumping up and down on a very thin rope, among other stunts.

Andy Lewis (stage name: Sketchy Andy) is a star in the sport of slacklining, which involves balancing on a rope made of stretchy nylon material, and, in Lewis' case, busting a move and doing backflips off it on football's biggest night alongside one of music's biggest superstars.

VIDEO: Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show

Lewis -- a cult star in the sport, also dubbed tricklining -- bears a passing resemblance to the similarly curly-locked LMFAO frontman RedFoo, who also performed in the show. He wore a toga (bold!) while the camera captured his crowd-pleasing stunt and Madonna looked on, singing her 2000 hit "Music."

Check out Lewis' Super Bowl cameo and slacklining reel below:

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