'Sleepy Hollow' Digital Comics Reveal Characters' Hidden Pasts

Sleepy Hollow Comic Promo - P 2014
Jorge Coelho/Boom! Studios

Sleepy Hollow Comic Promo - P 2014

Fans eager for more Sleepy Hollow don’t have to wait until the Sept. 22 premiere of the second season of the show on Fox — BOOM! Studios, which announced it had the comic book license for the show earlier this summer, is releasing brand-new prologues to the series digitally centering on the lead characters in the show.

The first two prologues are already online, via the show’s Facebook page and BOOM!’s Tumblr page, and center around Ichabod Crane and Jenny Mills. Both shorts are written by Bad Robot’s Mike Johnson, with art by Matias Bergara, and take place prior to the first season — a long time prior, in Ichabod’s case.

According to BOOM!, five shorts are planned, with a print collection available at some undetermined future point in time. Ahead of that print release, BOOM!’s four-issue Sleepy Hollow miniseries, set during the show’s first season and created by Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Coelho, launches next month digitally and in comic stores.