'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: The Germans Are Invading

Ichabod's role in a major historical event and the name of the demon mastermind are revealed.
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"Sleepy Hollow"

Jenny Mills has escaped from her mental institution, and Ichabod and Abbie are on the case.

The Sleepy Hollow gang spent the first part of Monday's episode tracking Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), eventually finding her in a cabin that was once owned by Sheriff Corbin (Clancy Brown). After negotiating a truce between feuding sisters Jenny and Abbie (Nicole Beharie), Ichabod (Tom Mison) revealed that in 1773 he organized the Boston Tea Party as a distraction for retrieving a chest -- a secret weapon owned by the British and guarded by a badass Hessian (a German soldier loyal to the British).

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The sheriff's cabin contained a sextant that before his death he told Jenny to retrieve should anything happen to him. The artifact was actually a projector, which showed a map revealing the location of the weapon Ichabod captured hundreds of years earlier.

But almost immediately after this discovery, a gang of creepy German swooped in and took the sextant. (Earlier, these guys gruesomely murdered a bartender ally of Jenny's.)

The good guys captured one of the fleeing Germans and interrogated him. He revealed the chest contained something that will open a gateway to hell, and that an untold number of Hessians have been living in Sleepy Hollow, working at the behest of the demon Abbie an Jenny saw in the woods as girls.

He then killed himself with a cyanide pill. We're not sure why he waited to do this until after he revealed the evil plan, but whatever. Abbie wanted to call in the infantry at this point, but her sister balked, saying the Hessians would be able to track them if they did.

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Meanwhile, Ichabod put his photographic memory to work and reconstructed the map, which led the trio to where the Hessians were using an ancient book to open up a portal to hell. After much shooting -- and a tense moment in which Jenny chose to ignore a Hessian's threat that he would kill Abbie -- the portal was closed and the bad guys were killed.

Later, Abbie made amends with her sister for denying their demon sighting for all of these years. Abbie offered to enter into a conservatorship over Jenny's legal affairs, which could get her out of the mental institution within six months.

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In the episode's final scene, Ichabod revealed he's done some library research and deciphered one of the Hessian's last words: "Moloch shall rise." The demon had been mentioned in a number of texts, including John Milton's Paradise Lost.  He showed Jenny a picture of Moloch, confirming this is the demon she saw in the forest as a girl. He's also the one who has been pulling the strings all along.

Best Ichabod moment: He brought a Northstar assistance woman to tears by telling his personal tale of being a star-crossed lover, and advising the woman not to give up on her own love. An honorable mention also goes to his inquiries about Jenny's military training. When he learned she'd been helping oppressed people around the world, he said admiringly: "So you are a freedom fighter." We know he's married, but could there be an incipient crush developing here?

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