Comic-Con: 'Sleepy Hollow' Stars Promise 'Malevolent' Season 2

Tim Mison, Nicole Beharie, John Noble and producers Mark Goffman and Alex Kurtzman say war is coming.
James Dimmock/FOX

Sleepy Hollow left its heroes in perilous positions in season one. Abbie (Nicole Beharie) is in purgatory, and Ichabod (Tom MIson) in a casket. But as the Fox show's stars and producers promised a Comic-Con crowd, there's plenty more to come.

Beharie said Abbey will learn some secrets about her family in secret two.

"She learns why she is a witness," said Beharie. "At the end of a season, Ichabod betrayed Abbey in a way by drawing a map. Now they have a little of patching up to do.

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Fan favorite John Noble (Henry Parrish) — who was revealed to be the second Horseman, in addition to being Ichabod and Katrina's son Jeremy — says he is moving beyond revenge in season two. 

"He becomes sort of a really interesting malevolent character. He's had his revenge. He doesn't need that anymore," said Noble. "He becomes the personification of evil and becomes a powerful man in the township. He plants seeds of doubt in everyone."

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And Ichabod? He continues his battle with modern society, including by watching Glee. Did he enjoy it? "Probably not," deadpanned Mison, before realizing Glee was a fellow Fox show: "He loved it!"

Two clips from the new season were shown — THR exclusively has one of them, which you can watch here — one in which Ichabod showed his disdain for credit cards, and another in which he attempts to raise a very special adversary to fight the horseman.

Orlando Jones, whose Detective Irving ended the season incarcerated, joked," I didn't want to be a stereotype. ... My mother is probably very upset."

The producers also promised a big season.

"Deep seeded into this season is family, hope and redemption, all within the context of war," said executive producer Mark Goffman. Alex Kurtzman promised that "whatever you thought is coming — it's not," and added that Benedict Arnold will make an appearance. Yes, there's an explanation for why he was a traitor to America.

Mison also made a bold promise to fans for next year's Comic-Con. He said before being cast, he was asked to prepare an audition with an American accent and with his own. The American didn't pan out ... but he based it off of Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad performance. Fans begged for a sample, but Mison balked.

"If you give us a season three, I promise I'll come back as Heisengberg," he said.

Sleepy Hollow premieres Sept. 22 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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