'Smash': Bernadette Peters Pushes Ivy's Buttons (Exclusive Video)

Smash Bernadette Peters Megan Hilty - H 2012
Eric Liebowitz/NBC

Smash Bernadette Peters Megan Hilty - H 2012

Megan Hilty's Ivy learns she has a lot more in common with Marilyn Monroe than she expected when her mother comes to visit on Monday's episode of Smash.

Broadway icon Bernadette Peters guest stars as Ivy's mother and stage legend Leigh Conroy and pushes her daughter's buttons almost from the moment she arrives to see her daughter take center stage during a pivotal workshop for the production.

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Ivy, who's still dealing with side effects of the steroids she was taking for her damaged vocal chords, lashes out at her mother after she fails to offer a note of positive feedback for her performance to the musical's investors.

In a clip exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Ivy realizes that she and Marilyn share a sad trait. "You're my mother and you can't even say one kind word. You know who else had a mother like that? Marilyn … and look how she turned out," a tearful Ivy says.

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"She was an unhappy, drug-addicted disaster because her mother didn't love her. That's what Marilyn was," she adds.

Could Ivy be predicting her own fate with the show's Marilyn musical? Watch the clip below and hit the comments with your thoughts. Smash airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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