'Smash': Julia's Affair Takes Center Stage (Exclusive Video)

Smash Brian d'Arcy James Debra Messing on bed - H 2012
Patrick Harbron/NBC

Smash Brian d'Arcy James Debra Messing on bed - H 2012

The fate of Smash's Marilyn Monroe musical isn't the only thing up in the air on the NBC Broadway drama.

After playwright Julia (Debra Messing) had an affair with the play's Joe DiMaggio in Michael Swift (Will Chase), her loyal husband Frank (Brian d'Arcy James) finally learns of his wife's betrayal.

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In a clip exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Frank tearfully confronts Julia about her indiscretion -- a tidbit their son, Leo (Emory Cohen), was already privy to.   

"It was something, it was total betrayal of me, of Leo, of 18 years of marriage; it was a betrayal of everything!" he says as his tears turn to anger.

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It always hurts most when you're the last to know, Frank. But at least Ellis (Jaime Cepero) didn't tell you.

Check out the clip below. Smash airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC. How do you think their marriage will fare?

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