'Smash's' Krysta Rodriguez Goes to New Heights for 'Hit List' Song (Exclusive Video)

In an exclusive clip from Tuesday's episode, the singer hangs from 30 feet up to perform a song from the hot play.

Krysta Rodriguez is reaching new heights on NBC's Smash.

The actress trained with AntiGravity -- an aerobatic performance company that has staged shows for President Obama, Britney Spears, Bill Gates and more -- to perform the Hit List original track "Reach for Me."

In an exclusive clip below, Rodriguez performs the track -- penned by Andrew McMahon -- while dangling in the air.

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"Anti-Gravity created the number, and four days after training with them, I was hanging 30 feet in the air with no net, no harness and wrapped in silk -- singing," the actress tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Rodriguez's Ana will perform the song in an attempt to get Broadway insiders interested in Hit List, which is running in a small off-off-off-Broadway venue -- something the actress is quite familiar with.

"I come from a Broadway background, and I’ve been involved in a lot of shows that start at the Fringe Festival, and if people love it, then all of a sudden it’s off-Broadway, and then it becomes the Broadway hit that nobody really saw coming, whereas Bombshell is manufactured to be a big Broadway hit," she says. "It’s interesting to see how a show worms its way in. We end up performing a number from our show at an event, and that’s the number that they choose to show that represents our show, and it raises some eyebrows."

Check out the clip, below, and hit the comments with your thoughts. Smash airs April 2 at 10 p.m. before moving to Saturdays at 9 p.m. starting April 6.

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