'SNL': Adam Sandler Reprises Opera Man Character to Poke Fun at Trump, Joe Biden

Host Adam Sandler reprised his Opera Man character on the "Weekend Update" segment of NBC's Saturday Night Live, riffing on various topics including the Kentucky Derby and the Charlize Theron-starring movie Long Shot.

Dressed in his signature cape and wearing a long black hair wig, Sandler poked fun at various current events during the medley, including Game of Thrones ("We can't wait for final show-ah / So we can cancel our HBO-ah"), President Donald Trump ("I get to make a wall / And Putin makes me his beech"), the new pool of presidential candidates and Joe Biden’s recent misconduct scandal.

"Joe for this you / Won't go far-o / To win White House / You need to bang porn star-o," Sandler sang as he poked fun at both Biden and Trump. 

He also jokingly sang about William Barr: "Where did Barr go? / He did not show / Check every single Wendy’s!" 

During his song, Sandler also made references to his own movies and to his past self playing Opera Man with a photo of a younger Sandler appearing over his shoulder.

"So glad to be back / Now I get a snack / Operaman bye-bye!!"