'SNL': Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump Joins Putin, Mohammed bin Salman in Cold Open

Alec Baldwin appeared on the latest episode of NBC's Saturday Night Live for the first time since being arrested for allegedly striking a man in the face over a parking spot, playing President Donald Trump yet again in the cold open.

From the Park Hyatt in Argentina, where Trump is currently attending the G20 summit, Baldwin's Trump spoke with castmember Cecily Strong's Melania Trump, with a shout-out to the nightmarish Christmas decorations at the White House this year, prominently featuring blood-red trees.

SNL's Kate McKinnon also appeared as Rudy Giuliani, while Ben Stiller made a cameo as Michael Cohen. "I'll tell you anything you want," he said when he answered the phone.

Beck Bennett played a shirtless Vladimir Putin, who was joined by Fred Armisen as the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The cold open did acknowledge Baldwin's recent arrest. "God, I haven't been this upset since I freaked out about that parking space," Baldwin's Trump said at one point.

The sketch finished with Baldwin starting to sing a Trump-themed rendition of "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from Evita. "Don't cry for me Argentina/ The truth is I'm very guilty," he sang. "Some little no-nos/ and a little treason/ I kept my promise/ Oops, no I didn't." The rest of the global leaders from the sketch joined in to end the sketch.