Alec Baldwin's Trump Calls Out "Rigged" Election in 'SNL's' Tom Hanks-Moderated Debate

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on SNL Oct 22 - H 2016

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live in order to act out the third and final debate of the presidential election.

Tom Hanks (as moderator Chris Wallace) kicked off the debate, which he compared to the Lord of the Rings movies: "You don’t really want to watch. But hey, you’ve come this far." 

Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton teed up the event: "In the first debate I set the table, in the second debate I fired up the grill and tonight, I feast." 

Donald Trump, as impersonated by Baldwin, had other plans. "Chris, I’m going to start this debate in the quietest voice possible," he said, calling himself a “sweet little baby Trump" this time around. 

But when the moderator brought up the topic of “reproductive rights," Trump reacted quickly and yelled: “They are ripping babies out of vaginas!"

On immigration, he repeated his phrase, often quoted since the third debate, saying a lot of people who cross the border “are very bad hombres."

Clinton excitedly brought out her Bingo card, yelling "Bingo! I got Bingo!" with her card of other Trump phrases throughout the election season, including "Miss Piggy" and "If she wasn't my daughter …" 

As Clinton called out Trump on his stances on immigration, Putin and ISIS, Trump interrupted with “Wrong! Trademark." 

Wallace did try to slip in a question about Clinton's emails, but she expertly dodged the subject. "You’re never going to answer a question about your emails?” he asked.

“No, but it was very cute to watch you try," she replied.

Trump again promised that “nobody has more respect for women than I do,” which is when the show pulled the camera back to show various crowds of people laughing, with Wallace having to tell “the entire planet” to settle down. 

Boasting about his supporters, Trump ran down his list of "heavy hitters" behind his campaign: “I’ve got Sarah Palin, I’ve got Chachi and, get this, I’ve even got the best Baldwin brother — Stephen Baldwin," earning extra audience laughs. 

“It has become very clear that you’re probably going to lose," Wallace told him (and Trump agreed). "Will you accept the results?" 

“I will look at it at the time because frankly this whole thing is rigged," said Trump. He also argued that the media is trying to make him look bad. When Wallace asked how newscasters are against him, Trump answered: “By taking all of the things I say, and all of the things I do, and putting them on TV.”

Wallace had him repeat after him, vowing to accept the results of the election, which he did, with one change at the end: “… If I win — gotcha, loser, trademark.”

SNL announced during the episode that Doctor Strange's Benedict Cumberbatch will host the Nov. 5 episode with musical guest Solange

Hanks hosted the Oct. 22 episode with musical guest Lady Gaga. The Oscar winner returned for his ninth time hosting, and Gaga, who just released her new studio album Joanne, marked her third time as musical guest. The artist even tweeted that her A Star Is Born co-star Bradley Cooper came to support her performance.