'SNL': Amy Schumer Episode Mocks Gun Enthusiasts With Firearms Ad

"Guns — we're here to stay."
A scene from Saturday's fake gun ad on 'SNL.'

Saturday Night Live took aim at the gun control debate with numerous segments throughout this weekend's episode.

Host Amy Schumer was featured in a fake ad that began with people dealing with important moments in their life, all of which ended up centering on guns.

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One scene involved a man giving his significant other a gun during a romantic date. In another scene, a couple brandished a gun at a hospital as the woman was about to give birth.

"They unite us, comfort us, bring us strength," said the commercial's voiceover. "Guns — we're here to stay."

Firearms were also a key topic of discussion on Weekend Update, with hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che debating the issue.

"There's a gun for every man, woman and child in this country," Che pointed out. "What are we preparing for, a rap beef?"

In her monologue, Schumer lamented the current lack of strong female role models in Hollywood, referring to the Kardashians as "a whole family of women that take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion."

She also discussed her recent run-ins with Hillary Clinton and Bradley Cooper and compared her own physique to "a lava lamp — things are just moving around."

The show mocked porn films with a sketch in which Schumer played a teacher who wanted to get it on with her male student but was continuously interrupted by an overachieving female student. 

"I wasn't all the way gone yet, and I heard you mention an oral exam," the female youngster said to Schumer's character about a double entendre Schumer had used.

Schumer played a flight attendant who attempted to use the Spice Girls song "Wannabe" to liven up her safety instructions speech, which led to multiple people getting shoved out of the plane.

"Because of this inconvenience, you can all watch San Andreas for free," Vanessa Bayer's flight attendant told the passengers.

In the cold open, the Fox & Friends team focused on the controversial Planned Parenthood videos.

"I saw the video, and it is stomach-churning the way that rat dragged that baby down the stairs," said Brian Kilmeade (Bobby Moynihan), mistakenly referring to the recent Pizza Rat viral video.

One sketch involved Schumer as an actress portraying Mary Todd Lincoln in a re-enactment of Abraham Lincoln's assassination. However, Schumer's character was a bit too fond of improvising.

"This guy is trying to come in here and blow my husband's head off and have sex with me," she said after knocking out John Wilkes Booth.

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