How 'SNL' Previewed the 2019 Oscars

Castmember Beck Bennett's Jules character said that he was rooting for 'Black Panther,' "or as I call it, 'Equal Panther.'"
'Saturday Night Live'

The "Weekend Update" segment of the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live brought out castmember Beck Bennett's character Jules, who always stresses that he “sees things a little bit differently” than other people, to preview the upcoming Oscars.

“Growing up, I wasn’t like other kids. I was a little unorthodox, if that makes sense,” Jules said. “If other kids were dressing up for Halloween, I was dressing up for Wednesday.”

On watching the Oscars red carpet, Jules said: "They all ask, 'Who are you wearing?' I want to ask, 'Who are you being?'" He added, “Society wants to paint [stars] like little dolls, but they should be like the dolls I had in childhood, whittled from driftwood with very realistic genitalia.”

Jules said that he was rooting for Black Panther, “or as I call it, Equal Panther.” He also said he loved Green Book, which he described as “the story of a wise black musician teaching a mentally challenged white man how to love.”

“The Oscar goes to whimsy!” he declared at the end of the segment.

In another bit, Kenan Thompson's Steve Harvey hosted a Celebrity Family Feud: Oscars Edition, in which this week's SNL host Don Cheadle played Spike Lee (nominated for BlacKkKlansman); Kate McKinnon played Glenn Close (The Wife); Melissa Villaseñor returned to her portrayal of Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born); Bennett played Sam Elliott (A Star Is Born); Kyle Mooney played Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born); Pete Davidson played Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody); and Cecily Strong played Olivia Colman (The Favourite).