'SNL': Bill Hader Revives Beloved Impressions in Fake 'Jurassic Park' Screen Test

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the release of Jurassic Park, a sketch on this weekend's installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live presented imagined 1992 screen tests for the movie that involved the cast and host Bill Hader pulling out all their best impressions to deliver both real and fake lines from the iconic film.

Alex Moffat impersonated Hugh Grant auditioning for Sam Neil’s original role. Hader played Alan Alda, Clint Eastwood and Al Pacino, which were all impressions he previously did during his eight-season tenure on the show. “Which dinosaur do I buy the cocaine from?” he asked as Pacino.

Kate McKinnon pulled out her famous Ellen DeGeneres impression, which she has also done on DeGeneres’ own show. She also did a Lisa Kudrow impression and played Jodie Foster, delivering Foster’s lines very quietly.

The impressions got progressively more bizarre: Chris Redd played Wesley Snipes and Jaleel White, delivering the latter’s well-known Family Matters catch-phrase; Aidy Bryant impersonated Roseanne Barr; Leslie Jones portrayed Whoopi Goldberg; Melissa Villaseñor played Gwen Stefani in heavy makeup that made her look eerily like the pop singer; Kyle Mooney, who doesn’t do many impressions on the show, did a Joey Lawrence take; Pete Davidson impersonated former SNL castmember Adam Sandler; and Heidi Gardner portrayed Drew Barrymore.

Longtime castmember Kenan Thompson also played Sinbad and O.J. Simpson. “If I did let the dinosaurs out, let me tell you how I would have done it,” Thompson said as Simpson, who also remarked that it was good to be O.J. in 1992.