'SNL': Bill Hader Revives Fan-Favorite Character Stefon in Hosting Return

Former Saturday Night Live castmember Bill Hader returned to host the NBC sketch show for a second time on Saturday, joined by musical guest Arcade Fire. Hader was a part of the show for eight seasons and left in 2013, going on to co-create the documentary parody series Documentary Now! on IFC. He hosted SNL for the first time in 2014.

Hader has been outspoken about his anxiety and nerves in the past, and he addressed those feelings right away during his monologue by talking about the episodes he used to star in. “I was nervous for every one of them, and I’m nervous now!” he admitted.

During his monologue, Hader also did a quick change onstage into his recurring character Devon from the reality show-spoofing “Californians” sketch that makes fun of soap operas and Californians’ obsession with talking about traffic and directions. Fellow SNL alum Fred Armisen also appeared.

The next sketch was a nod to St. Patrick’s Day, with Hader playing a contestant on a dating show called Kiss Me, I’m Irish, where two out of the three contestants turned out to be his cousins.

He also played an elderly man married to a character played by Cecily Strong who brought him along to her girls’ night with Melissa Villaseñor, Heidi Gardner and Aidy Bryant. Everyone in the sketch had trouble holding back laughs, but especially Strong and Hader.

Hader also brought back his beloved character Stefon during the "Weekend Update" segment. Stefon came to the news desk to offer some St. Patrick’s Day clubbing advice. “If you’re Irish or just white and violent, I have the St. Patty’s Day place for you,” he said, talking about made-up clubs like Off to Church, Mother!, which has everything: "Peeps...Ted talks...Roman J. Israel, Esq."

John Mulaney, who co-created the character of Stefon with Hader, also made a very brief cameo as Stefon’s “attorney and conceptual piss artist.”

Hader also poked fun at former castmember Seth Meyers, with whom Stefon always had a flirty dynamic with, by mocking the “Closer Look” segment on Meyers' own NBC late-night show: “Seth and I are versatile — sometimes I do it, and he’s under the desk.”

Hader also appeared in the final sketch of the night, a spoof of an infomercial for an “undercover office potty.”