'SNL' Cast Begs Chadwick Boseman for Vibranium in Promo

The possibilities are limitless with the fictional metal that fuels Wakanda in the Marvel movie Black Panther. Vibranium has the power to create invisibility shields, holograms and bulletproof clothing and can give humans superpowers (by way of a magical herb). So it’s no wonder Saturday Night Live castmembers Kate McKinnon, Alex Moffat and Kenan Thompson are vying for a piece from the Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman, in this week's promo for the NBC late-night sketch show, which the film star is set to host with musical guest Cardi B.

When they arrive at the mysteriously locked stage door, McKinnon and Moffat both suggest vibranium as a solution. 

“Vibranium ain’t real!” Boseman replies, but no one’s listening to him. Castmember (and self-proclaimed "key-keeper") Thompson also has a idea: vibranium!

“Oh, you know what?” Boseman says to the three elated comedians. “I didn’t wanna tell them, but maybe I did bring a little stash of vibranium. I can’t seem to find it because — we made it up for the movie!”

Bested by his stubbornness, but not convinced vibranium doesn’t exist, Thompson searches for the studio’s keys to no luck. 

“Is that how y’all run things around here?” Boseman asks as he starts walking away. “One person with the keys? I’m going back to L.A.”

Cardi B also joined him for another promo, where the pair of guests were joined by castmember Leslie Jones. Watch that below.