'SNL': Chadwick Boseman Explains the "Wakanda Forever" Salute in 'Black Panther' Sketch

Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live for the first time this week, joined by first-time musical guest Cardi B.

SNL wasted no time in getting Boseman to play his Black Panther character T'Challa, throwing him into the first sketch of the night, a new installment of recurring game show parody Black Jeopardy! With Kenan Thompson as host, Leslie Jones, Chris Redd and Boseman as T'Challa were the contestants. T'Challa struggled to get any of the answers right, oblivious to American culture and things like police brutality, which doesn’t exist in the fictional world of Wakanda. He did finally answer a question correctly about potato salad made by white people.

The Black Panther star also played a doctor presenting the new technology of an "artificial womb," used to make a man (played by Mikey Day) pregnant.

Boseman also portrayed R. Kelly in a bizarre sketch set at Disneyland. Another peculiar sketch had Boseman play a firefighter with dreams of inventing a life-size doll for dogs.

He also showed off some vocal skills in a sketch where he, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Thompson all theatrically sang their feedback to the manager of a restaurant.

The episode ended with a Black Panther sketch. Coming out of seeing the Ryan Coogler-helmed movie, Jones, Redd and Boseman were disturbed to find characters played by Pete Davidson and Beck Bennett awkwardly attempting to do the “Wakanda forever” salute from the movie.

“Something about watching you do that, it just didn’t sit right with me,” Jones said.

“It’s like indigestion, but racially,” Redd agreed.

"We know your history. You don't give things back," Jones added. 

Boseman explained the history and context of the salute, and they ultimately concluded that white people could keep doing it if they agreed to give back dabbing. Davidson and Bennett rejected the deal.

Cardi B also got to have some fun outside of her performances, appearing in a short in which Aidy Bryant got a little too inspired by the rapper, giving way to her "Aidy B" alter ego.