'SNL': Charles Barkley Spoofs Public Broadcasting, Dating Shows in Fourth Hosting Gig

Charles Barkley SNL - Screenshot - H 2018

NBA Hall of Famer star Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time on Saturday, joined by musical guest Migos. 

“I’ve been saying whatever the hell I want for 30 years, and I’m doing great,” Barkley said in his opening monologue. In his first bit, he also touched on some of the racism he and fellow NBA players have experienced, including when Fox News host Laura Ingraham said LeBron James should “Shut up and dribble” in February.

Gun control came up a few times during the night's sketches, including in a fake ad starring Barkley for an unconventional pest control solution: arming roaches to kill other roaches. “At Ned’s, we know the only thing that can stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun,” he said.

Barkley also played a public broadcasting host for a show called Homework Hotline, which was intended to help kids with questions about their homework but actually saw Barkley's host fielding inappropriate prank calls.

The retired NBA player also got to play himself in a sketch that featured a cameo from former Major League Baseball shortstop and first baseman Alex Rodriguez, also playing himself. Barkley, Rodriguez and a former NFL player played by Kenan Thompson debated the strengths of their respective sports.

Barkley also played a suicidal contestant on a spoof of a dating show called called Hump or Dump.

Most of the men in the current SNL cast starred in a sketch with Barkley, in which they all played macho construction workers taking a break to talk about what styles of women’s clothes they’d like to wear if they felt it was societally acceptable.

Kate McKinnon also reprised her Sheila Sovage character, making very direct and awkward advances on a character played by Barkley. Barkley broke into laughter slightly when McKinnon applied deodorant to his mouth before kissing him. By the end of the sketch, McKinnon was laughing, too. All of McKinnon's previous Sheila Sovage sketches can be watched here.