'SNL' Cold Open Asks GOP Members What It Would Take to Stop Supporting Trump

Meet the Press - SNL Cold Open - H - 2019



In a spoof of Meet the Press, with Kyle Mooney playing host Chuck Todd, Saturday Night Live took on the latest President Trump issues for the cold open. The sketch included several impressions of GOP members, including Beck Bennett playing Sen. Mitch McConnell; Cecily Strong playing Sen. Susan Collins; and Kate McKinnon — whom Mooney’s Todd called "the GOP’s latest bad boy" — as Lindsey Graham.

Mooney’s Todd started by asking the panelists about Trump’s increasingly fraught relationship with China. When he threw out a question about the tariffs, Bennett’s McConnell instinctively answered "there was no collusion," despite that not being the topic. McKinnon’s Graham then called Trump a "financial genius and a business Jesus."

"What would it take for President Trump to lose your support?" Mooney’s Todd asked before throwing out a bunch of hypothetical situations, such as Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress and saying that Trump colluded with the Russians. "I’d have to write a strongly worded email and send it directly to my draft folder," Strong’s Collins said.

Bennett’s McConnell stress ate a piece of lettuce at Todd’s hypothetical that Trump is actually Muslim. Mooney’s Todd also asked how they would react if Trump were to divorce Melania for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which was met with disdain from all three.

When Mooney’s Todd asked if Bennett’s McConnell would stop supporting Trump if he were to agree to Ocasio-Cortez’s new Green Deal, Bennett’s McConnell said the president would still not lose his support.

"If Trump open hand slaps you in the face, what would you say then?" Mooney’s Todd asked. "Harder, daddy," McKinnon’s Graham replied.