'SNL' Cold Open: Hillary Clinton Can't Stop Watching 'House of Cards' (Video)

Hillary Clinton SNL Cold Open Still - H 2015

Hillary Clinton decided to share a few words during Saturday Night Live's cold open.

The former secretary of state, portrayed on the sketch show by Kate McKinnon, addressed the recent news that she didn't use a government email address, which spurred questions as to whether she was hiding secrets.

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Clinton assured viewers that she wouldn't be derailed by this latest controversy. "I wasn't born yesterday  — I was born 67 years ago, and I have been planning to run for president ever since," she said.

"You won't find Jack Rodham Squat," she added before sharing her not-too-sexy anniversary email to Bill Clinton.

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Clinton also revealed her TV preferences. "Every day, I watch House of Cards from start to finish," Clinton said. "I jog in place while watching it like I'm in a Rocky training montage."

Host Chris Hemsworth did not appear in the sketch. Video can be seen below.

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