'SNL' Cold Open: Kate McKinnon's Fauci Hosts Game Show, "So You Think You Can Get a Vaccine"

'Saturday Night Live'

'Saturday Night Live'

Saturday Night Live's cold open featured Kate McKinnon's Anthony Fauci hosting a pandemic-themed game show called "So You Think You Can Get a Vaccine," touching on the confusion over who can currently receive a vaccine.

"Getting the vaccine shouldn't be a competition but Americans will only want to get it if someone else can't," McKinnon's Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said at the top of the game show.

A panel of famous governors served as the game show's judges, including California governor Gavin Newsom (played by Alex Moffatt), New York governor Andrew Cuomo (played by Pete Davidson), and Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (played by Cecily Strong). Each judge shared what their state deems to be an essential worker who'd be most eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. For California, Newsom said "police, hospital staff, neuropaths and psychics." For Michigan, Whitmer admitted "fishers, truckers,and trappers." As for New York, Cuomo said "tough guys, wise guys, rich guys, and five guys."

Contestants vying for a vaccine included a woman admitting she had herpes, another woman pretending to be elderly to get the vaccine so she could hook up with someone, and an expectant mother who the judges admitted they weren't sure if she could even receive a shot safely. The final contestant, an elderly man, ended up winning the vaccine but was told he wouldn't get it on the show — he still needed to make an appointment.

Ted Cruz, played by Aidy Bryant, also made a guest appearance on the game show to offer some standup comedy. Bryant's Cruz asked if anyone could blame him for wanting to fly to Cancun recently for some sunshine amid a power crisis caused by freezing weather in Texas.

Nick Jonas serves as this week's host and musical guest. Past performers who have taken on the dual role recently include Halsey, Donald Glover, and Chance the Rapper.

During Jonas' monologue, he called out to his brother Kevin who was actually in the SNL audience. As part of the monologue sketch, Kevin asked his brother Nick if they were "still a band" because Nick will be releasing a new solo album, Spaceman, on March 12.

"Are you sure? Because I just bought a house," Kevin asked with concern, but was assured by his brother that yes, the Jona Brothers are still a thing.

Nick Jonas last appeared on SNL in May 2019 with the rest of the Jonas Brothers.