'SNL' Cold Open: Obama Claims ISIS Succeeding Because of Tinder

The militant group has mastered the art of the retweet

You may want to think twice the next time you give Derek Jeter a Twitter shout-out.

This week's Saturday Night Live cold open parodied a 60 Minutes interview, as Steve Kroft asked President Obama about the struggle with ISIS.

According to Obama, as played by Jay Pharoah, ISIS has a leg up because it is using social media to its advantage. "They can maximize faves as well as RTs — those are retweets," Obama explained.

Tweets that were supposedly sent by ISIS appeared on the screen, including ones using hashtags to trick people into reading their messages. "We will destroy the infidels #ThankYouJeter," read one.

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Obama also showed a Tinder profile of a hunk who had listed his interest as "DTJ," or "down to jihad."

Host Sarah Silverman did not appear in the sketch. 

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