'SNL' Cold Open Tackles College Admissions Scandal

SNL - Screenshot - College Scandal - H - 2019

On the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live, the cold open took on the recent college admissions scandal in a sketch set in Chino Correctional Facility. Inmates played by Kyle Mooney, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd encountered former Full House star Lori Loughlin, played by Kate McKinnon, while Michael Keaton also made a cameo.

As inmates compared their crimes, McKinnon's Loughlin butted in: "Oh, yeah, you think that's insane? I paid 500 grand to get my daughter into USC."

"You paid 500 grand for USC?" one of the inmates replied, incredulous.

"I own the guards in here. I helped their kids get into a really competitive pre-K," boasted McKinnon's Loughlin. She also made several references to Full House, including saying the iconic recurring lines "How rude!" and "Cut. It. Out!" "Are you Aunt Becky?" one of the inmates asked, and McKinnon's Loughlin, who noted that she had joined the Nation of Islam, took out a knife and said, "Don't call me that."

Michael Keaton also played Julian Assange in the cold open, while Pete Davidson played Michael Avenatti, who joked that he was running with Alec Baldwin for president.