'SNL': Dana Carvey Returns as Church Lady

Dana Carvey Church Lady SNL - H 2016

Church Chat's famous host, Church Lady, returned to Saturday Night Live on May 7, welcoming back SNL vet Dana Carvey to portray the character who interviewed Ted Cruz (or "Satan," played by castmember Taran Killam) and Donald Trump (or "an orange mannequin," impersonated by Darrell Hammond). 

Church Lady chatted about the current election “between a godless liberal Democrat and Hillary Clinton,” before addressing fashion at the recent Met Gala. She had a lot to say about Madonna's ensemble and called Beyonce's look “a giant latex condom."

But then the real guests of the hour appeared. "Please welcome: Satan," Church Lady introduced her first guest, as Cruz (Killam) walked in. 

“I was just quoting one of your colleagues, Teddy,” Church Lady said, referencing John Boehner's jab at Cruz, calling him Lucifer. "John’s always coming up with hilarious nicknames for me," Cruz replied, defending his friendship with Boehner and his “strong Christian values." 

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re just a little preachy?” Church Lady asked him. "Was it part of god's plan for you to get humiliated by an orange mannequin?” 

When she asked him about his plans now that he's dropped out of the race, Cruz replied that he's "been thinking about turning evil," as he tried out his evil laugh. So Church Lady abandoned him for her next guest, Trump (Hammond). 

"Welcome the tangerine tornado, Donald J. Trump," she said.

Trump assured her he is an avid churchgoer, saying he sometimes even goes when it's not “church day” and he loves all the books in the Bible, including “Corinthians Part Deux," and "'Too Genesis, Too Furious,' which says, and I quote, 'Love your neighbor as thyself ... and like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.'"

In the end, their interview was interrupted by Cruz trying out his new role as Satan.