'SNL': Darrell Hammond's Trump Searches for His Vice President in Cold Open

Chris Christie, played by Bobby Moynihan, tried to slip his own name into Trump's pool of VP candidates.

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was on the search for his vice president on May 14's episode of Saturday Night Live.

The show's cold open began by poking fun at recent accusations that Trump had posed as his own publicist in a 1991 phone interview, audio of which was released by the Washington Post on Friday.

Seated in his office in Trump Tower, the GOP frontrunner, played by Darrell Hammond, was caught talking on the phone, pretending to be a made-up publicist.

"Mr. Trump is the real-life inspiration for Iron Man," Hammond's Trump said over the receiver. "Who am I? I'm his publicist Joy Pepperoni. No, I'm not Donald Trump in disguise. This is just what classy people sound like, okay?"

Chris Christie, reprised by Bobby Moynihan, then walked into the room, interrupting Trump's phone call and excitedly offering to help him begin the search for his potential VP.

Moynihan's Christie held up a stack of photos of several nominees, and began by making his first suggestion, Jeb Bush. Without saying a word, both Trump and Christie broke out into a fit of laughter and moved onto the next candidate, Carly Fiorina.

"I do feel a kinship with Carly. She's also an outsider who ran her very own successful business," Hammond's Trump said.

Moynihan's Christie replied, "She can help you with your women problem too. I mean, women look up to her." Trump quipped back, "For what? She's a B-cup."

The next potential VP, Marco Rubio, was quickly dismissed by Trump: "Oh, little Marco? I can't ask him to be VP until his parents sign the release form. I need someone who can lead. Where do I find that?"

Moynihan's Christie, slyly suggesting himself for the position, then held up a photo of himself within the pile, saying, "Oh my, how did that get in there? Look at that!" he nervously exclaimed. "Maybe yes? Maybe no? — Maybe — "

An unfazed Trump moved on to John Kasich, complimenting him on being "smart, experienced" and popular in Ohio.

When Christie replied, "He said he's not interested," Trump immediately responded, "He's a loser. Big, fat loser."

After both Trump and Christie sifted through other potentials, including Ted Cruz (a "hard no"), Ben Carson, played by Jay Pharoah, walked into the office and was offered the position.

"Oh, that would be hella exciting," said Pharoah's Carson.

Hammond's Trump then ended his search, telling Carson, "Great, let's do it."