'SNL': Dwayne Johnson Becomes Bambi, Robert Durst Mocked (Video)

Dwayne Johnson SNL Still Bambi - H 2015

Dwayne Johnson returned to host Saturday Night Live for the fourth time, where he became an emotionally destructive wrestler, an angry version of Barack Obama and yes, even Bambi.

The episode kicked off with the Furious 7 star reprising his popular The Rock Obama character. He had an unusual request for Sen. Ted Cruz: "I ask, please, may I crush your head?"

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In his monologue, Johnson addressed his tendency to show up in later installments of film franchises, referring to himself as "franchise Viagra." He even suggested starring in The Theory of Everything 2: "Can you smell what Stephen Hawking is cooking?" said a recording that resembled Hawking's synthesized voice. However, Johnson was clear about drawing the line at the next Smurfs film.

In a fake ad that referenced Starbucks' recent "race together" campaign, Pep Boys employees made it clear that they're comfortable with LGBT issues. "You know what my favorite show is?" asked one worker. "Ellen. That's important because she used to be a man."

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Johnson donned wacky facial hair to play a wrestler named Coco, who was more focused on emotional warfare than any physical battles. "You can't have sex with anyone without having a talk first because of your herpes," he chided a Wrestlemania opponent. 

A definite highlight was seeing the actor dressed as a vigilante Bambi for a Disney film reboot that starred the Furious 7 castmembers. "When I was boy, they took away my mother," Bambi said in voiceover. "Now, it's time for them to pay … dearly."

One sketch involved Johnson exploring the jungle, and his female colleague kept wanting to surreptitiously get physical with him. "I can hold his butt firmly for you," she offered.

An ad for hair-replacement supplement Brogaine was aimed at helping college students with receding hairlines. The commercial suggested that a college kid may be experiencing hair loss due to stress from having "chanted the N-word in a viral video."

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The Weekend Update hosts were visited by Russian lady Olya (Kate McKinnon). "My toes are like One Direction — only four left," she lamented about the cold weather. Meanwhile, Colin Jost remarked that the models in American Apparel ads seem more distressed than sexy: "I want to see those women rescued by Liam Neeson."

Later, McKinnon portrayed The Jinx subject Robert Durst during an improv comedy show. "You have too much energy — what's your address?" he asked one of the members of the comedy team.

All told, The Rock proved to be a very capable host, and the episode ranked among the more impressive installments of late.

Three best sketches of the night

1. Bambi

2. The Rock Obama

3. Wrestlemania promo

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