'SNL': Edward Norton Pays Homage to 'Fight Club,' Speaks Japanese (Video)

The "Grand Budapest Hotel" star will host the live sketch show this weekend for the first time.

Edward Norton is making his first hosting appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The first promos hit the web Wednesday morning and feature the Grand Budapest Hotel star dusting off his impressive Japanese skills after SNL regular Bobby Moynihan breaks the news that this will only be seen in Japan.

In another tease, Norton pays homage to 1999's Fight Club when Moynihan asks to be punched in the face. Norton can't resist, and offers a knock-out punch. "Tiiiiight," Moynihan says with a peace sign, glasses half off his face.

STORY: Edward Norton to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Other highlights see Norton and Moynihan trying out their Halloween costumes ("We'll go as each other!" they finally decide) and revealing their true names.

Though this marks Norton's first hosting gig, he has appeared several times on SNL, including a 1999 VH1 parody and during Salma Hayek's opening monologue in 2003.

Janelle Monae will be the musical guest this weekend.

Norton next appears in Wes Anderson's star-studded feature The Grand Budapest Hotel, which opens March 7, 2014.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30 p.m. on Saturdays on NBC.

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